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Being Seen

Ren and Kristen's image 3.jpeg

Being Seen was a participatory research project which aimed to collaborate with members of the transgender community, to find out how the representation of trans people in narrative media affected them, and what they felt needed to be done to improve the representation.

The project used a combination of applied drama and creative writing techniques. Specifically employing the works of Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed to explore the thoughts and feelings of the participants physically, and exercises from Geese Theatre to engage the participants in discussions, along with having fun!

Group Image 1.jpeg
'A time I felt Represented' Ren's Image 1.jpg

The project lasted a total of two weeks during February 2023, in which participants physically explored how it feels to be represented, versus what it feels not to be. 
They spent time during the final session creating of list of ways in which trans representation could be improved.

Exhibition photo.jpg

For a more extensive look at the work completed by the participants during the sessions, please follow the link below to an online exhibition, which showcases their creative writing, physical explorations, and what they want to see in trans characters.

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